Guilford, Connecticut Pest Control

If your property is being damaged or your life is being disrupted by invasive pests or wildlife, call the professionals in pest control. PestCo provides comprehensive exterminations services in Guilford, CT, and the surrounding areas, specializing in insects and animals that continually intrude on North American homes. PestCo’s professional exterminators utilize the latest technology and safe, effective methods for cleansing your home of infestations and protecting against further problems.

Problems with stinging, biting and poisonous insects, or disease-carrying animals can all pose serious hazards to you and your family if the invaders are not exterminated. Burrowing, climbing, nesting and gnawing pests can weaken the supports and foundation of your home and promote growth of poisonous spores and mold. PestCo looks for early warning signs of these issues to pinpoint problem pests and eradicate them before they cause serious damage.

PestCo completely removes invading insects, mammals, birds and reptiles of all kinds. PestCo prevents reoccurring populations by removing adults, offspring, eggs and nests from your home or property. For more information on extermination services or to schedule an appointment, call today.



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