Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do I have to leave the premises for the pest control services?
A. We use low toxicity chemicals. You can usually stay home during the treatment. Flea and certain infestations require you to leave the home for a 3-4 hour period.

Q. What about pets and children?
A. Children under the age of 2 need to leave during treatments for 2-3 hours. During treatment we ask you to put pets in a room that is not being treated or remove from the house until products have dried.

Q. Do the chemicals smell?
A. No. The good thing is mostly all of our low toxicity chemicals have no order at all.

Q. I have a scratching in my ceiling and it sounds bigger than mice. What could it be?
A. An inspection by a pest control professional is suggested. Nine times out of 10 those little creatures called mice can sound like giant monsters roaming in your attic and walls. It is best to get a free evaluation first.

Q. Can you have a pest management specialist to my house today?
A. PestCo can respond to all calls within 24-hours and in most situations same-day service is available.

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