Woodpecker Removal

Do you hear drumming noises or have holes in your wood siding? These sounds and damage may well be due to woodpeckers.

It is fairly easy to identify woodpeckers and they are an interesting and familiar group of birds. Woodpeckers have the ability to peck into trees or excavate nest cavities in search of food. The three most widely distributed species are the hairy woodpecker, the downy woodpecker, and the yellow-bellied sapsucker. Each species causes a unique type of damage. Woodpeckers are dependent on trees for shelter and food. They are found mostly in, or on the edge of wooded areas. Woodpeckers nest in cavities chiseled into tree trunks, branches, or other structures. Some species will also nest in human-made structures such as wooden fence posts, utility poles, and buildings so don't be fooled! Woodpeckers may be still be found in localities where trees are scarce!

Woodpeckers do prefer cedar and redwood siding, but will settle for pine, fir, cypress, and others when the choices are limited. Natural or stained wood surfaces are preferred over painted wood, and newer houses in an area are often primary targets.

Drumming is predominantly a springtime activity and they will often use metal surfaces such as metal gutters, downspouts, chimney caps, rooftop plumbing vents, and metal roof valleys. Drumming may occur a number of times during a single day and the activity may go on for days or months. On metal surfaces drumming causes little damage other than possible paint removal. However, the noise can often be heard throughout the house and becomes quite annoying. Wood surfaces and buildings may become disfigured with holes from this drumming. Even where few or no insects exist, woodpeckers may choose to drill holes ("drum") and cause problems.

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