Termite Control

Now is the time to contact PestCo, LLC because termites are mostly active in the spring to early summer!

Eastern Subterranean Termite (Reticulitermes flavipes)

Eastern subterranean termites are the most destructive insect in our region of the U.S. and are mostly active in the spring to early summer. Termites live in large colonies that depend upon the worker termites to consume wood or other forms of cellulose in order for the colony to grow and survive. These termite colonies are dependent upon soil contact and the workers will construct mud tubes as they feed inside a structure. Any time you see termite worker mud tubes or the winged form of the termites know as swarmers, contact us quickly so we can inspect your residence or building and apply either a liquid or bait treatment.

Liquid Treatments
A liquid termite treatment is basically a liquid barrier in the soil to protect the homes foundation from subterranean termite invasion. This is done by trenching and rodding chemical into the soil along the foundation. Treatment under slabs is done by drilling holes into the slab to allow for treatment.

Termite Baiting System
Termite Control CTA termite bait system creates a perfect environment for termites to forage. The monitoring stations are installed along the perimeter of the home and are checked on a quarterly basis. Once the termites start foraging on the monitor an active ingredient cartridge is placed in the station. From the active ingredient cartridge the termites feed and spread the ingredient that will kill the colony.

PestCo, LLC has a termite philosophy that is based on implementing a comprehensive Termite Management program. We have serviced thousands of homes in Connecticut and understand the unique needs of homeowners. Our goal is long-term termite protection and we achieve this by following a logical plan of action. The highly trained technicians at PestCo, LLC are prepared to inspect for termites as well as other wood destroying insects.  An initial comprehensive termite inspection may reveal termite damage from:

  • Existing active termites
  • Non-active termites
  • Previously eliminated termites
  • Other wood destroying insects

Based upon our inspection findings PestCo, LLC will recommend a termite strategy specifically designed for your home. Call PestCo, LLC today!



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