Squirrel Pest Control

When it comes to pest control, squirrels present a unique challenge. These opportunistic critters, common throughout suburban and city areas, can easily be responsible for rendering a home a hazard!  A trapped squirrel is a study in destruction, potentially causing thousands of dollars of damage, as it desperately attempts to find its way back outside. More than any other species, squirrels can cause house fires by gnawing through electrical wiring.  Squirrels are usually harmless to humans but when cornered and feel threatened are likely to inflict a serious bite. For these reasons, homeowners should never try to handle squirrels on their own. A skilled professional should handle trapping these animals. 
Grey squirrels

Grey squirrels are diurnal (active during the day).  Squirrels acrobatically descend trees headfirst and can leap long distances.  Often times they will climb up a tree that has branches hanging over a house and leap onto the roof.  Squirrels are opportunistic and will usually chew through any weak area of your roof, soffit, facia, siding and attic vents.  Once established, grey squirrels usually have two litters per year, in the spring and late summer which is one of the reasons you see so many of them.  Grey squirrels are common throughout all of Connecticut.

Flying squirrels

Flying squirrels (flyers) are nocturnal (active at night. Flyers are often mistaken for chipmunks but are typically a little bigger. They also have big eyes enabling them to see well in the dark and have a different coloration than chipmunks.  Despite their name, they do not actually fly.  Flyers have a furry membrane between their legs which stretches and acts like a parachute.  This is what allows them to glide through the air.  Depending on elevation and wind speed they are capable of gliding almost 300 feet.  Flyers produce only one litter per year usually in June or July, however, they live in very large communities.  They will climb up a nearby tree and glide onto a roof.  Flyers have very similar characteristics and habits of the grey squirrels.  They will horde food in attics or wall voids.  They will chew through loose or rotten wood around the roofline area. Evicting flyers is the easy part.  The bigger challenge is finding and fixing all the holes.   Flyers are much smaller than grey squirrels and can therefore fit through amazingly small holes. These entry points aren't always apparent, so finding them requires a keen eye and professional repair.

PestCo, LLC takes a humane approach to squirrel removal because every situation with squirrels is unique. Live cage trapping and relocating or installing one-way exit doors are two of the most common control methods. Our experts will also repair exterior holes using products that are impervious to rodent teeth. Take action now:

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