Skunk Removal

skunk-control-removal-madison-ctThe eastern striped skunk's body is covered with fluffy black fur. It has a narrow white stripe up the middle of the forehead and a broad white area on the top of the head and neck, which usually divides into two stripes continuing along the back. The long bushy tail is a mixture of white and black hairs. Some skunks have more white than black hairs. Skunks have a small head, small eyes and a pointed snout. Their short legs and flat-footed gait makes them appear to waddle when they walk. Sharp teeth and long claws enable them to dig in soil or sod and pull apart rotten logs in search of food.

The skunk is a member of the Must lid family, which includes weasel, mink, marten, fisher and otter. All mustelids produce a strong smelling liquid from scent glands. However, the skunk is the only member that can spray its scent as a defense mechanism. The scent glands that provide this unique method of defense are deeply embedded in muscles located on either side of the rectum. These glands secrete a sticky, yellow fluid, the main component of which is butylmercaptan. The skunk is a good marksman and can accurately spray between 10 to 15 feet. A skunk's spray is normally directed toward the eyes and may cause temporary blindness and nausea. Skunks are mild tempered by nature and will not defend themselves by spraying unless they are provoked. They will usually stamp their front feet and arch their tail up over their back as a warning before spraying. If confronted by a skunk in this position, it is best to make a slow, quiet retreat and move as far away as possible from the animal so you do not pose a threat.

Mating takes place during late February and early March. After a gestation period of approximately 62 to 68 days, an average of six blind and helpless young are born between late April and early June. At seven weeks the young skunks begin to venture out with the mother and are able to spray musk; they usually disperse during the fall of their first year. Adult males are generally solitary except during the mating season.

Most people notice the appalling stench when skunks spray, but fewer people understand the damage they can cause to homes and the potential to carry rabies. Skunks have an extremely high incidence of rabies. Rabies is transmitted through an infected animals' saliva, typically through a bite. Skunks are nocturnal animals that normally eat insects, wild fruit and rodents, but they will alter their diet to include garbage and garden crops when available. Skunks will get into garbage cans and dig up lawns while looking for food. Skunks often try to enter a home through a crawl space or basement and can also try to burrow under decks and sheds as well as other locations on your property that will provide them with ample shelter to create their dens, which may also lead to structural deficiencies. It is unusual for skunks to come out in the daytime, so if you notice one wondering around contact PestCo, LLC immediately.

Homeowners trying to get rid of skunks on their own often end up getting sprayed. Their strong odor and spray can cause nausea, vomiting and temporary blindness. Preventing skunks from entering your home is the key to maintaining a skunk-free home. Our experts will install barriers or seal entrances to permanently get rid of the skunks. If you notice skunks around your home, getting rid of them needs to be a top priority because they do not normally leave on their own. A skunk specialist will know how to deal with getting rid of the skunks and how to prevent them from coming back.

PestCo, LLC offers dependable, flexible, and effective services. Residential and commercial clients can choose from a range of preventive and responsive pest management services and solutions, all delivered by trained and dedicated wildlife removal professionals. PestCo, LLC offers skunk removal and exclusion services. We will conduct a thorough inspection to identify the entry points and design a professional, effective service plan. PestCo, LLC will help you get rid of your skunks. Trust us to use our proven and humane methods to resolve skunk problems in your home or office. Request a free inspection today!



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