Seasonal Advice - Summer

Paper wasps, Yellow Jackets, & Hornets

As the temperature heats up to the 80's and 90's the wasps get aggressive. Common nesting sites are pool ledges, old rodent burrows in the ground, inside soffits, behind light fixtures, and in shrubs and bushes. At this time of year, these should be handled professionally. Some of these nests can number in the thousands! By taking our Clover Program nesting sites can be prevented by putting up a barrier on your house.

Carpenter Ants

June through Fall is the time most of your Carpenter Ant foraging occurs. The ants begin foraging from dead trees and stumps going into your home looking to set up shop inside your walls. They can forage from trees up to 100 yards from your home.


Fleas are common at this time of year. High grass and foliage can contribute to a bad flea problem. It is recommended that you keep all grass cut and trimmed accordingly especially if your pets spend alot of time outside in the yard. Keeping the grasscut short will also help to control tick infestations. PestCo offers flea and tick control programs to eliminate these pesky critters so you can enjoy your yard again.


Keep mosquito populations low by having no stagnent water around your home. This is where mosquitos breed. Keep all grass and foliage cut low. Uneven land on your property can cause puddling water which can lead to a mosquito problem. Call your local professionals at PestCo Pest Management for a free inspection today!




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