Seasonal Advice - Spring

Paper Wasps of the Northeast - The uninvited guests of outdoor dining!

One of our biggest service call topics in the spring involves  stinging insect problems. Paper wasps are often the problem in the Spring, and they are commonly confused with yellow jackets by homeowners due to their yellow and black colors. They may also be red and brown.

They can inflict a painful sting. They are very aggressive and are often attracted to outdoor activities when food is present. Our insect control services can address and minimize these problems. Call us and we can help you!

/Bee and Wasp Control


Additional wasp pest information: Nest are commonly built under eaves, decks, pool ledges rock walls, on tree branches, and in shrubs. PestCo has a program which can control these irritating pests.

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Carpenter Ants

We at PestCo know that spring is here when the calls come into the office for "big black ants in the kitchen and bathroom." Seeing ants in the house in the spring indicates that there is an established colony in the walls or structure of your home and needs to be treated by a PestCo professional. Carpenter ants eat wood, and can huge damage if left untreated.

Please call us for REAL carpenter ant pest control solutions that actually correct the cause of the ant problem. Simply catching a few ants in little traps from the local store does not address the actual infestation. The correct solution is identification of the ant source and colony, and ant extermination and colony  removal. This is what we do. And we are very, very good at it! Just give us a call, and we'll come take a look.

Carpenter ants are associated with water issues inside or outside the home (drainage, leakage, ect.). They also originate from trees and bushes.

Carpenter Ant Control
Keep all foliage and tree limbs trimmed back at least 2 feel from the structure of the home. This will help stop these pests from getting inside, or getting easy access to your home and setting up a colony.

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Termites can be confused for "flying ants", but any number of such insects inside or around your home should alert you to a potential problem. These insects can cause expensive damage to your home. This can be prevented by exterminating them before any large damage occurs. Call us for termite and flying ant exterminator services. This is what we do, and we do it very, very well. One call, we come and end your problem.
With the start of spring brings termite swarms. Swarming is the release of male and female winged reproductive termites and their purpose is to start a new colony. swarming termites mean that the colony has been established in the structure for a while. Termite swarms usually occur in the spring after a heavy rainfall during daylight hours. Either way, it is the sure sign of a big problem in progress!

Termite Control

Termite swarms are easy to control by the homeowner by using household cleaners or hairspray. The termites that need to be controlled by professionals are in the ground working their way to your home.

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