Seasonal Advice - Fall

Mice and Rats

Under optimum conditions mice can breed throughout the year. Following a gestation period of 18 to 21 days, the female produces a litter ranging between 2 and 13 mice, although 5 to 6 young are the average. A long lived female can produce between 6 to 10 litters spaced between 30 to 50 days apart accounting for 42 to 60 offspring in a year.

PestCo's five broad aspects of rodent control include:

1. Inspection and monitoring

2. Exclusion

3. Sanitation

4. Mechanical and other non-chemical tools

5. The use of rodenticide baits and other chemicals

Tall grass, dense shrubbery, alot of storage along foundations, and garbage pails next to foundations, can all contribute to rodent infestations.

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