Rodents Mice Control

Seeing a mouse or, especially, a rat in your home or business is startling. What is worse is the fact that, if you have seen one, there are usually dozens you are not seeing. Both mice and rats are expert hiders, and they are exceptionally adaptive pests that live and thrive in almost any environment. If you see a mouse or rat in your space, don’t let the problem get worse. Call PestCo today for professional mice and rodent control to remove all adults, offspring and nests.

Rats and mice eat almost anything, making them apt to get into kitchens and garbage bins. Because of their small size, mice can fit into tiny spaces, and they can easily make their way behind cabinets, into closets, through walls, over attics and into basements. They can also chew their way into containers, spreading bacteria over your food. Both rats and mice can carry and spread harmful diseases, though rats are generally more aggressive and can even bite family members. While posing serious risks to homes, this causes even more trouble for businesses, as they can be shut down due to health code violations and other problems.

Contact PestCo today for rodent and mice control in Madison, Branford, Guilford, Clinton and the surrounding areas throughout Connecticut. 



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