Residential - Our 4 Step Clover Program

  • Year round coverage - 365 days a year
  • 4 Conveniently timed quarterly visits every 90 days
  • No additional charge for extra services in between scheduled visits

Coverage Includes:

Carpenter Ants Hornets Spiders
Millipedes Ground Beetles Earwigs
Yellow Jackets Springtails Paper Wasps
Small Ants Mice  
Centipedes Rats  

Procedure of Scheduled Services:

  1. When we arrive if you are home we will check to see if there are any problems or concerns since last visit.
  2. Treatment to all entry points - around all windows and doors, under siding, around utility entrances into the home, soffits, Eves, and dormer areas.
  3. Go around your house a second time, either using a backpack sprayer or a granular treatment depending on the pest of the season to create a barrier that pests can¹t cross into the home.
  4. Perimeter treatment of beds and landscape areas next to the house.

Please Note:

On all services, an initial cleanout corrective measure is necessary before the maintenance service takes affect.

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