Rats and Rodents Control

The problem with rats is that there’s rarely just one, and by the time there’s a full-fledged infestation underway, the situation is usually beyond the control of homeowners or business owners. Rats can have up to 5 litters per year. The average gestation period is approximately 21 days and they can have up to 14 in a litter which means your home can be infested very quickly. Rats and rodents can cause serious damage by chewing electrical wiring, nesting in insulation, and leaving urine stains and droppings and a musky odor wherever they go. Droppings are unsightly and pose health risks due to the Hantavirus. PestCo has all the necessary equipment to safely and effectively clean up the mess they leave behind. They can also contaminate food and damage items stored in the attic, basement, or garage. A seasonal drop in temperature, typically but not always, forces many rodents to seek warmer environments, making winter the year’s most active season for rat infestations. So if you're seeing or hearing signs of rodents enlist the help of PestCo, LLC. Our experienced team will eliminate your rodents quickly and professionally while using the latest products and techniques before it spirals into a nightmare.

PestCo, LLC focuses each approach to rodent control on the individual nature or function of the infested area, using recognized methods such as poison (only when and where necessary), snap traps and glue boards while always keeping your family and pets safety in mind. If poison is deemed necessary, it is installed in protected bait stations, safeguarding children, pets and food from potentially deadly contact with the poison.

Like all rodents, rats have extremely sharp teeth and are adept at chewing their way through many homemade efforts at exclusion; they are further capable of fitting their bodies through unbelievably small holes in the outsides of homes, office buildings, restaurants and schools. PestCo, LLC will also identify and block all points of entry with durable, rat-proof materials, giving you the peace of mind knowing that unwanted guests won’t be returning using these same routes. In many cases, the only way to completely solve the current and future infestations is to identify where the points of entry are and permanently seal all the holes.

Rodent infestations are so commonplace that they shouldn’t command the stigma that keeps many homeowners and business owners from telling others about their problems, but living with them is unnerving, stressful and dangerous. Call or email PestCo, LLC today to schedule a consultation!

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