Raccoon Pest Control

Despite their cuteness, there is nothing appealing about creatures that have the potential to cause thousands of dollars’ worth of destruction when they decide to make their den in your home.  Raccoons are very intelligent so they will capitalize on faulty or weak areas of construction.  They will rip apart soffits, facia boards, attic vents, roofs, siding and loose boards under decks or porches, creating much damage in the process of building their dens.  Raccoons may also use the insulation in your attic or walls to create their den and contaminate the area they inhabit with urine, and feces. Chewing through electrical wires is another potential danger. In addition to their extremely dexterous front paws, these excellent climbers have the ability to rotate their hind feet 180 degrees while descending. This is an unusual ability for a mammal of its size. Therefore, chimneys are a favorite place for raccoons to invade; the top of the damper is perfect for delivering their young.  Females usually give birth from March to May with an average litter size of two to five kits.   

People who get into the habit of feeding raccoons are misled by the notion that these animals can be tamed or even made into pets. This mistake is potentially costly and dangerous. Raccoons are wild animals that can be aggressive and are known for their nasty attitudes when cornered. They are one of the most frequent carriers of rabies as they travel through our urban and suburban neighborhoods. Homeowners attempting to take matters into their own hands face exposure to dangerous diseases such as rabies and leptospirosis.

PestCo, LLC will humanely trap raccoons, cap chimneys, as well as correct any entry points these animals have been using to access their dens. This is usually recommended in homes where raccoons have taken up residence; even a vacated den is typically found and promptly re-inhabited by other neighborhood raccoons.

Do not take risks when it comes to raccoon pest control: These animals are neither cute nor cuddly. Call or email PestCo, LLC to schedule an appointment today.




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