Get Rid of Mice! Rodent Control & Mouse Extermination

Mice are small animals with a gigantic impact on homes, food and materials. Unguarded homes are potential targets, and these little trespassers aren’t choosy about what they consider a meal.

Mice are extremely adaptable animals capable of seamlessly inserting themselves into homes, office buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. Like rats, these rodents can squeeze through incredibly tiny spaces, with the added advantage of an even smaller body size. A mouse can pass through a hole about the size of a dime and is capable of costing homeowners thousands of dollars in damages.

To control mice is to counteract their most overwhelming natural talent: making more mice. The mouse gestation period is only about 20 days, and the young are able to breed by the time they’re just over a month old. Females can have as many as 10 litters a year, and one mouse may produce more than 400 offspring in her relatively short lifespan of around two years. By the time a homeowner first detects a mouse problem, there may already be generations more on the way.

It’s a myth that mice and rats never occupy the same dwelling. Mice do fear rats, which have been known to prey on their smaller relatives, but the species can still inhabit the same space and are attracted to the same opportunities. Both can carry diseases such as leptospirosis, and their droppings create dangerous and unsanitary conditions as a result of the Hantavirus. The key to effective rat and mouse control is prompt elimination and exclusion (sealing all entry points), and few homeowners have the expertise to correct a large-scale infestation.

PestCo, LLC takes a case-by-case approach to pest control for mice, using mechanical traps and glue boards placed with an expert eye for areas of high rodent traffic. In situations requiring poison, PestCo, LLC uses only enclosed bait stations that are safe for both children and pets. PestCo, LLC also offers exclusion services, identifying and blocking entry holes with professional-grade materials to keep rodents out for good.

Don’t give rodents a chance to gain the upper hand. Call or email PestCo, LLC to get professional mice and rat control today.

Call or email PestCo, LLC for professional mice and rat removal.



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