Hornet Control & Hornet Extermination

Hornet Extermination:

Two Easy Ways To Identify A Hornet Infestation

  1. Coming across the large hornet nest. The nest looks like it is made of gray paper and can be as large as 3 feet in diameter.
  2. Seeing hornets flying around.

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What Do Hornets Look Like?
Hornets look like over-sized wasps and can be as large as 2 inches.
Hornets have a black and white stripped abdomen.

Reasons To Treat Your Hornet Problem Immediately
Hornets pose a potentially life threatening risk as these pests can sting their victims multiple times causing severe swelling or even death if the victim suffers an allergic reaction.

Hornets are very aggressive so do not attempt to treat them yourself. They can sting through multiple layers of clothing. They can also sting repeatedly without losing their stinger. Hornets will also release an “alarm” pheromone (a chemical substance released that serves to influence the physiology or behavior of other members of the same species) alerting other hornets to attack.

Pests Commonly Confused with Hornets
Due to their similar appearance, wasps are most commonly confused with hornets. However, they are smaller in size and have different nests.

Bald-faced Hornets (also known as white-faced hornets)
These are New England’s most feared stinging insects. Bald-faced hornets can quickly build large grey or brownish paper nests. They are large and are very aggressive. When their hive is threatened they will swarm after the attacker. They are smarter than yellow jackets and will chase you clear across the property. Multiple hornets will try to attack you in a small concentrated sensitive area.  PestCo, LLC’s knowledgeable technicians will use the proper methods to eliminate your hornet problem. If you are experiencing a hornet problem call the experts at PestCo, LLC today!




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