Chipmunk Removal


When it comes to wildlife control, chipmunks are among the least offensive of creatures. They rarely enter human homes, and most of the damage they cause is superficial. Even so, it is useful to know how to get rid of them because they can carry the same rodent diseases that rats, mice and squirrels do and be a big nuisance, as well as. At times, their damage can be quite serious.

When chipmunks are present in large numbers they can cause structural damage by burrowing under patios, stairs, retention walls or foundations. They may also consume flower bulbs, seeds or seedlings, birdseed, bird eggs, grass seed and pet food that is not stored in rodent-proof storage containers. They can destroy your gardens and grass or ruin retaining walls, foundations, patios and stairs. Chipmunks also attract mice, rats and snakes!

Chipmunk problems occur because chipmunks often create burrows in well-hidden areas near objects or buildings. The chipmunk carries the dirt in its cheek pouches and scatters it away from the burrow. The burrow entrance is usually about 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter, which makes it inconspicuous. Eastern chipmunks typically inhabit mature woodlands and woodlot edges. However they also inhabit areas in and around suburban and rural homes.

Sometimes our customers are unsure whether their problem is chipmunks or squirrels. Here's how to tell the difference:

  • Are much smaller than squirrels
  • Have two distinctive black stripes that run from the top of their head all the way down their back
  • Have short, thin tails; squirrels have big, bushy tails
  • Are ground animals, while squirrels live in trees

Our professional wildlife removal technicians offer highly effective means of chipmunk removal. They are trained in animal behavior and are able to set chipmunk traps in locations that will bring the best results. Although we primarily use traps for this purpose, we also use chemicals that are safe for household pets and pose no risk of harm to non-target animals.

In addition to chipmunk extermination, we also provide cleanup services, to remove any chipmunk droppings and feces from your property. We also sanitize and deodorize, to leave your property free of animal-borne germs and disease. We will remove any dead chipmunks, and when necessary, we will treat for insect pests that have accompanied these rodents to your home.

Our chipmunk removal specialists use the proper methods to eliminate your chipmunk problem. If you are experiencing a chipmunk problem or need help to identify chipmunk damage call the experts at PestCo LLC.





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