Carpenter Bees

Carpenter / Borer Bees are large and mostly black with some yellow. They hover like an army helicopter, and bore perfect dime size holes in wood for nesting. Although carpenter bees are not considered to be an aggressive stinging insect, the females do have stingers. These bees nest in fascia boards, deck lumber, swing sets, window and door trim, wooden fences and sheds. Carpenter bees can cause severe cosmetic damage to your home. The unsightly greenish/brown staining that is left behind by their excrement is near impossible to remove.

PestCo, LLC takes the control process of bees very seriously. We will do whatever is necessary to protect the integrity of your home. Our service technicians will survey the entire house, looking for all visible signs of holes and staining. Using a poison dust we inject every visible nesting hole we find. We also use a liquid solution with a high-pressure power sprayer to reach nesting sites that may be hidden or just way out of reach due to structural design.

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