Bee and Wasp Removal & Control Services

Bees and wasps are one of the most damaging and harmful pests you can have around your home or business. PestCo provides complete wasp removal, bee removal and yellow jacket removal to keep your home or business safe. A wasp exterminator will remove adult wasps and other types of stinging insects, and eliminate hives. Instead of trying to deal with dangerous bees yourself, schedule professional bee and wasp removal to take care of the problem safely.

Wasps, bees, yellow jackets and other similar insects can sting anyone and can even cause life-threatening allergic reactions in some. If left unattended, one hive can easily become two, and then many more as adult bees leave and create new hives. Other species simply make the hive bigger, encompassing thousands of individuals and growing at an incredible rate. If bees and, especially, wasps and yellow jackets, are threatened, they will attack. An aggressive hive of bees, wasps and any stinging insect can pose serious risk to anyone in the area, even those who are not allergic to bee stings. A professional wasp exterminator has the training and equipment to remove the insects’ nests safely, so you and your family don’t have to worry about harmful stings.

Call today for safe, professional bee and wasp removal in your neighborhood. PestCo serves communities across Connecticut including Madison, Branford, Guilford, Clinton and all cities in between. 


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