Bat Control & Removal

PestCo specializes in bat removal, bat control, bat exclusion and bat extraction. 

In New Haven and Middlesex County, CT, Connecticut, bats are an important part of the ecosystem. Feeding on insects during the night, they keep the mosquito population down and help maintain a natural balance. A single bat can consume over a thousand mosquitos in an hour. While they are beneficial and desirable, you do not want them roosting in your attic or in a wall void. If you are seeing bats entering and exiting your attic vents, roosting from the beams in your attic, seeing droppings (guano) on the insulation or plywood floor or hearing noises at night, we can help you.

Bat Removal Exterminator CTDiseases from Bats and Droppings:
As with most wild animals, bats do carry diseases. Only a small percentage of bats have rabies. They do not normally bite people, but they can transmit rabies if they should bite. The droppings bats leave behind in the attic however pose a far greater threat to your health due to hystoplasmosis. We have all the proper equipment to properly clean up the droppings, extract the bats from the area, and make your home safe again.

Territorial Bats:
Bats are highly territorial and are prone to returning to their nesting grounds. This makes bat removal & bat extraction particularly challenging. The first step is to identify all entry points around the roofline of the structure. Once the entry points are located, the next step is to create a controlled environment where the bats can leave but not return. I hand make special one-way doors which I install on all the entry and exit points. Using these pathways, the bats can exit but will not be able to get back in. At that time I repair all other possible entry points so it forces them to use the one-way doors. I leave them up for approximately one week to allow the bats enough time to exit the structure and then I remove them and permanently repair all the holes. No bats are ever harmed in the process and when they are unable to get back in, they will then find another place to live. This is the most humane method of bat extraction & bat removal.

We are experts at bat extraction, bat removal, bat exclusion and bat guano cleanup so let our years of experience help you solve your bat problems. Your family will be safe from the dangers of bats, and the little bats will also be safe to continue filling their important role in the ecosystem.

Serving, but not limited to, these locations in CT, Connecticut: Madison, Branford, CT, North Brandford, Guilford, Connecticut, CT, Clinton, Old Saybrook, Westbrook, and Killingworth, CT, Connecticut. Call now to schedule your appointment today so we can examine your bat situation!



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