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Carpenter ants hollow out galleries in wood for nesting purposes.

Though they are very small, ants can be very harmful pests. They can cause extensive damage to your home, and they can also spread disease. If you are having problems with carpenter ants or other species of ants, call PestCo today. Your carpenter ant exterminator will eliminate the adults, eggs and nests of any ant variety in or around your home or business.

There are many varieties of potentially harmful ants that may invade your home or business. Most species of ants are attracted to organic materials like food scraps, especially sugary foods like soft drinks or fruits. Other ants, like carpenter ants, are attracted to organic materials like food scraps as well as the wood pulp in building materials. This is what makes carpenter ants are one of the most harmful ant varieties. Carpenter ants will burrow into floorboards, walls, attics and cabinetry in your home, or they may burrow into trees outside your home. Once a carpenter ant nest becomes ingrained in your home, it can be impossible to get rid of without help. PestCo provides professional black ant control across Connecticut to stop these invasive pests and keep them from damaging your home.

Don’t let black ants ruin your home. Call a carpenter ant exterminator today at PestCo to stop the spread of ants. 

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